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Spring 2019

07 (U12) Boys Elite & Premier Triumph at Atlanta Peach Classic

Our 07 Boys Elite team ended their U12 season with a thrilling tournament final that was decided with kicks from the penalty mark! The boys were placed on the tourney's Navy (top) division and on their way to the final match, the boys had to work hard on Saturday to earn a spot on the semi-final game. They outplayed Athens United (8-1) on their first game, and then edged Henry County United Premier (3-2). On their semi-final match they beat Triumph 3-0 in order to advance to the finals. On the big final, they faced Henry County United Elite and after finishing regular time on a tie, the championship was decided thru penalty kicks (6-5). The team is coach by Brad Ruzzo (head coach) and Matt Cooling (Assistant Coach).

At the same time our 07B Elite team was playing their final, their teammates were also playing theirs! Our 07B Premier were also crowned champions at APC, but without having to decide their faith from the penalty mark. The boys were placed on this tournament's Orange Division, where they made a statement all the way thru by winning all of their games. They started with a 3-0 win against Henry County United Navy, and then followed by a 5-1 triumph against IAFC 07B Black. On Sunday morning, they secured their participation on the final match by outscoring SSA AC Milan's team 4-2. On the final game they faced an unfamiliar opponent (TASA Red 07B) but the boys didn't care and took care of business with a 2-0 win.The team is coach by Brad Ruzzo (head coach) and Matt Cooling (Assistant Coach).


08 Girls Elite Champions at Atlanta Peach Classic

Our 08G Elite team had the chance to face the same opponent that had walked away with this tournament's championship 2 years earlier. Our girls found themselves being runner-ups to RYSA's 08G 2 years ago, when losing a thrilling final (4-5), but this time around the outcome will be different. While participating on the Navy (top) division of this tournament, Our girls earned 3 wins on their way to the final match, against Henry County United Elite (2-1), DDYSC 08 Premier (3-0) and Impact SC Elite on the semi-final match. Playing a very familiar opponent on the final match, our girls were confident and knew what they had to do to walk away with the Champions trophy this time around. The team went up on the score early in the game, and then controlled the game and ensure RYSA would not score one on them. The final score was 1-0. This team is trained by Adrian Juarez and coached by Jeremiah Bivins.