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Week 3 - Sep 21st

Macon Soccer Club
Fall 2019 Academy Schedule
Saturday, September 21, 2019
Game #DivisionLocationTimeFieldFormatHome TeamVisiting Team
1U9 GirlsSavannah11:15 AM8A7v7SSA SavUnited 11G PremierMSC 11G Elite
8U9 GirlsSavannah1:45 PM7B7v7SSA Coastal 10G SilverMSC 11G Elite
6U10 GirlsSavannah11:15 AM7B7v7Effingham Force 10 CoEdMSC 10G Elite
7U10 GirlsSavannah1:45 PM8A7v7SSA SavUnited 11G PremierMSC 10G Elite
23U11 GirlsSavannah11:00 AM2B9v9SSA SavUnited 10G PremierMSC 09G Premier
24U11 GirlsSavannah12:15 PM2B9v9SSA SavUnited 09G PremierMSC 09G Elite
29U11 GirlsSavannah1:30 PM2B9v9SSA SavUnited 08G BlueMSC 09G Mix 1
31U11 GirlsSavannah2:45 PM2B9v9SSA SavUnited 08G BlueMSC 09G Mix 2
28U12 GirlsSavannah1:30 PM2A9v9SSA Coastal 08G SilverMSC 08G Premier
33U12 GirlsSavannah4:00 PM2B9v9Effingham Force 09 CoEdMSC 08G Premier
2U9 BoysSavannah11:15 AM8B7v7SSA SavUnited 11B BlackMSC 11B Premier
3U9 BoysSavannah12:30 PM8B7v7SSA SavUnited 11B PremierMSC 11B Elite
4U9 BoysSavannah1:45 PM8B7v7SSA SavUnited 11B BlueMSC 11B Premier
14U9 BoysSavannah3:00 PM8B7v7SSA Coastal 10B Silver 2MSC 11B Elite
10U10 BoysSavannah12:30 PM8A7v7SSA SavUnited 10B BlueMSC 10B Elite
13U10 BoysSavannah3:00 PM8A7v7Effingham Force 10BMSC 10B Premier
17U10 BoysSavannah4:15 PM8A7v7SSA SavUnited 10B PremierMSC 10B Elite
20U10 BoysSavannah5:30 PM8A7v7SSA SavUnited 11B BlueMSC 10B Premier
25U11 BoysSavannah12:15 PM2A9v9SSA SavUnited 09B PremierMSC 09B Elite
26U11 BoysSavannah2:45 PM1B9v9SSA SavUnited 09B BlueMSC 09B Premier
38U11 BoysSavannah4:00 PM1A9v9Club Beaufort Real MadridMSC 09B Elite
27U11 BoysSavannah5:15 PM2A9v9SSA Coastal 10B Silver 1MSC 09B Premier
39U12 BoysSavannah4:00 PM1B9v9SSA SavUnited 09B BlueMSC 08B Premier
42U12 BoysSavannah5:15 PM1B9v9Club Beaufort Real MadridMSC 08B Premier

Complex Address

Jennifer Ross Soccer Complex

7221 Sallie Mood Drive
Savannah, GA 31406

Sallie Mood Drive runs between Eisenhower Drive and Montgomery Crossroads. It is just WEST of Truman Pkwy.  The entrance to the fields is on Sallie Mood Road.

Fields Layout

Additional Information

  • Our teams will wear red, but please make sure that everyone brings their White jerseys as well just in case. There are other clubs involved on this meeting as well.


  • All games will be 25x2 mins long due to the large amount of games


  • No heading will be allowed in all games


  • Build Out Lines will be used for 7v7 games (U9 & U10) – This is the offside line as well


  • Goalkeepers will be allowed to punt on 9v9 games (U11 & U12), but not in 7v7 games (U9 & U10). 


  • Please review SSA Savannah United's Parent / Spectator Code of Conduct

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