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Week 3 - Mar 15th

Macon Soccer Club
Spring 2020 Academy Schedule
Sunday, March 15, 2020
Game #DivisionLocationTimeFieldFormatHome TeamVisiting Team
1U9 GirlsStatesboro12:15 PMField 47v7Tormenta FC 11/12 Ibis SAVMSC 11G Elite
2U9 GirlsStatesboro2:45 PMField 67v7Tormenta FC 12 Ibis SAVMSC 11G Elite
3U10 GirlsStatesboro2:45 PMField 57v7Tormenta FC 10 Girls Ibis HHMSC 10G Elite
4U10 GirlsStatesboro5:15 PMField 27v7Tormenta FC 12 Ibis SAVMSC 10G Elite
5U11 GirlsStatesboro11:00 AMField 19v9Tormenta FC 09 Girls IbisMSC 09G Premier
6U11 GirlsStatesboro1:30 PMField 29v9Tormenta FC 08 Girls IbisMSC 09G Elite
7U12 GirlsStatesboro1:30 PMField 19v9Tormenta FC 09 Girls IbisMSC 08G Premier
8U12 GirlsStatesboro4:00 PMField 29v9Tormenta FC 08 Girls IbisMSC 08G Premier
9U9 BoysStatesboro11:00 AMField 47v7Tormenta FC BFT 10/11MSC 11B Elite
10U9 BoysStatesboro1:30 PMField 47v7Tormenta FC BFT 11/12MSC 11B Mix 1
11U9 BoysStatesboro5:15 PMField 67v7Tormenta FC 10/11/12 BoroMSC 11B Mix 2
12U10 BoysStatesboro11:00 AMField 67v7Tormenta FC 10B Magenta HHMSC 10B Elite
13U10 BoysStatesboro1:30 PMField 67v7Tormenta FC 10 B Ibis SAVMSC 10B Elite
14U10 BoysStatesboro4:00 PMField 67v7Tormenta FC 10 B Ibis SAVMSC 10B Premier
15U10 BoysStatesboro5:15 PMField 47v7Tormenta FC 11B Ibis HH - B/C levelMSC 10B Premier
16U11 BoysStatesboro12:15 PMField 19v9Tormenta FC 09B Ibis HHMSC 09B Elite
17U11 BoysStatesboro1:30 PMField 39v9Tormenta FC 08/09 Ibis BoroMSC 09B Elite
18U11 BoysStatesboro2:45 PMField 39v9Tormenta FC 10B Ibis HHMSC 09B Premier
19U11 BoysStatesboro5:15 PMField 39v9Tormenta FC 08/09 Magenta SAVMSC 09B Premier
20U12 BoysStatesboro11:00 AMField 39v9Tormenta FC 08B Magenta HHMSC 08B Premier
21U12 BoysStatesboro12:15 PMField 29v9Tormenta FC 09B Ibis SAVMSC 08B Elite
22U12 BoysStatesboro2:45 PMField 29v9Tormenta FC 09 B Magenta SAVMSC 08B Premier
23U12 BoysStatesboro4:00 PMField 39v9Tormenta FC 08B Magenta HHMSC 08B Elite

Complex Address

Clubhouse Fields

2704 Old Register Road
Statesboro, GA 30458

The Clubhouse has an arcade that the kids can have a blast in between games which includes electric go-carts, mini golf course, bowling, state of the art arcade, laser tag arena, batting cage, and a full Sports Grill & Bar.

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