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Week 4 - Sep 28th

Macon Soccer Club
Fall 2019 Academy Schedule
Saturday, September 28, 2019
Game #DivisionLocationTimeFieldFormatHome TeamVisiting Team
1U9/10 GirlsTifton10:00 AM3N7v7UFA South GA 11BMSC 11G Elite
2U9/10 GirlsTifton11:00 AM3N7v7UFA South GA 10GMSC 10G Elite
3U9/10 GirlsTifton12:00 PM3N7v7UFA South GA 10GMSC 11G Elite
4U9/10 GirlsTifton1:00 PM3N7v7UFA South GA 10B PremierMSC 10G Elite
5U11/12 GirlsTifton10:00 AM5N9v9UFA South GA 08GMSC 08G Premier
6U11/12 GirlsTifton12:00 PM5N9v9UFA South GA 08GMSC 09G Premier
7U11/12 GirlsTifton1:00 PM5N9v9FL Elite 09GMSC 08G Premier
8U11/12 GirlsTifton2:00 PM5N9v9UFA South GA 08GMSC 09G Mix 1
9U11/12 GirlsTifton3:00 PM5N9v9FL Elite 09GMSC 09G Elite
10U11/12 GirlsTifton4:00 PM5N9v9UFA South GA 08/09B MixMSC 09G Mix 2
11U9/U10 BoysTifton10:00 AM3S7v7FL Elite 11BMSC 11B Elite
12U9/U10 BoysTifton11:00 AM3S7v7FL Elite 10BMSC 10B Elite
13U9/U10 BoysTifton12:00 PM3S7v7UFA South GA 10B PremierMSC 11B Elite
14U9/U10 BoysTifton1:00 PM3S7v7FL Elite 11BMSC 10B Premier
15U9/U10 BoysTifton2:00 PM3N7v7UFA South GA 11BMSC 11B Premier
16U9/U10 BoysTifton2:00 PM3S7v7FL Elite 10BMSC 10B Elite
17U9/U10 BoysTifton3:00 PM3S7v7UFA South GA 10B PremierMSC 10B Premier
18U9/U10 BoysTifton4:00 PM3S7v7UFA South GA 10B PremierMSC 11B Premier
19U11/12 BoysTifton10:00 AM5S9v9UFA South GA 08/09B RedMSC 09B Premier
20U11/12 BoysTifton11:00 AM5S9v9FL Elite 08BMSC 09B Elite
21U11/12 BoysTifton12:00 PM5S9v9FL Elite 08B WakullaMSC 09B Premier
22U11/12 BoysTifton1:00 PM5S9v9UFA South GA 08B PremierMSC 09B Elite
23U11/12 BoysTifton2:00 PM5S9v9UFA South GA 08/09B RedMSC 08B Premier
24U11/12 BoysTifton4:00 PM5S9v9FL Elite 08B WakullaMSC 08B Premier


3199 E B Hamilton Dr.
Tifton, GA 31793

Detour Instructions due to road work on E. B. Hamilton Dr.

1- Take Exit 63B (Eight Street Exit) (one exit north of the normal exit)

2- Turn west on eight street/Whiddon Mill Road (go about 2 miles)

3- At large church on left, turn left onto Upper Ty Ty Road (go 0.3 miles)

4- Turn left at second Road (Rutland Road)

5- Follow Rutland Road to the soccer fields (1.4 Miles).

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