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Academy Team Manager’s Resource Page

Training Fees are $200/season

Registration fee is $180 per season (paid online)

Review the latest revision to the
GYSA Rules & Regulations

The importance of the team manager’s role cannot be understated.  The team manager
typically makes many sacrifices to ensure the team functions as well administratively as it
does tactically.   We’ve created this page to try and provide you, as team managers,
the resources and information to make your team run more efficiently.  If you would like to
make suggestions or contributions to this page, please contact Adrian Juarez.

Team Manager Responsibilities


  • Other Team Manager Resources


  • Team Manager’s Notebook - Every team manager should have a notebook with the necessary paperwork to support the team at home and on the road.  This notebook will take a beating throughout the season.  Use a sturdy notebook and use durable page protectors when possible.  Good page protectors, notebooks, and player pass lamination can add up to a significant cost.  Consider charging parents a $5.00 per player "supply charge".  At a minimum, the notebook should contain:

    • Current Season Player Passes - Player passes should be signed by the player, have a current photo, and be laminated.  Do-It-Yourself lamination is available at Staples and Office Depot or you can have them laminated at Kinko’s for around $1.50 per card.
    • Current GYSA Official Roster - If you have someone Club Passing from another team, I would suggest having a copy of their team roster also.  The Official Roster comes from the league registrar (Ruth Lancaster)
    • Signed Medical Release form for each player
      • If you have someone Club Passing or Guest Playing, make sure you have a signed medical release form for them also.  If the player participates with your team frequently, keep an extra copy of the medical release form and order a duplicate player pass through the club registrar (Ruth Lancaster).  
    • Copies of Players Birth Certificates
    • Season Schedule
    • Directions to Each Venue - Printing these at the start of the season will save you headaches later when you’re called by lost parents.  If available, also have a copy of each venue’s weather hotline
    • Contact Information for your opponent’s coach and team managers (if available).   Be sure they have your information also.  You are the first and primary contact point for the team.  Make yourself readily available.
    • Home and Cell Phone Numbers for all Parents