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Recreational Frequent Asked Questions

Click link on blue below for new age chart mandated by US Youth Soccer 

When is my kid's first game?
There are two ways to find out your first game:
Log in and click on your team page.
Go to Team Central > Team directory and find you Division and then the team name.
You first game is in opening day as shown on the Schedule tab.

What if I get lost or confused about where to go?
There is an "Information Board" beside main building. We will have posted Teams and game schedules.
Field lay-out map is also located beside main building close to the drive-way.

Who is my child team coach?
As in any other recreational sports, Coaches are volunteer parents. You may not have a coach until all registration is closed and we have a volunteer coach. 

What if my coach has not contacted me yet?
You will have access to the team pages where you can see the phone number and e-mail of your coach on the Roster list. Feel free to contact them. 
What if my team does not have a coach assigned yet?
Show up for the game. If we do not have volunteer coaches, the task of coaching the team may have to be share between parents of the team.  Everyone needs to come prepared to play.
Where and when do I get the jersey?
Each player receives a new jersey each season.  You can pick up your jersey at the Uniform Room (Only block building)  It will be open Saturday Morning at 8:00 until Game time and also on set days/times during the week prior to season inaugural games.
What else would I need? - You will also need the following. Socks and Shorts (you may already have shorts, any will do, but if you are concerned about matching, we recommend black shorts and black socks), Cleats, Soccer Ball, and a small ball pump.
Ball Sizes
U-6 size 3
                U-8 Size 3
                U-10 Size 4
                U-12 Size 4
                U-14 Size 5
                U-16 Size 5
What are the game times?
We will have a schedule out that will be for the entire season. For Saturday, this will be the game time and will be the same game time each Saturday. Schedules with game day field location will be e-mailed  and also posted on our website.
 ***Games times may vary for some age Divisions depending the season but regularly is as listed below. Spring Season games times may be adjusted as needed***
5U & 6U Boys: TBA (Saturday Mornings)
8U thru 16U Girls:  8:45am
8U thru 16U Boys: 10:15am

When should I arrive on game day?
Everyone needs to arrive at the fields at least 30 minutes to 45 minutes early. You need to have your child settled into their environment and allow the coach to get your team organized.
What happens if I lose an item?
Lost and Found is in the uniform room/concessions.
Are there concessions?
Yes, they will be open for your convenience
Where do parents sit?
For 8U and above - Parents, please sit on the opposite side of the field that the players are benched.
For 4U - 6U players and parents can usually mix.
Parents - we recommend you bring your own chairs for sitting and watching the games. Please do not use our player benches.
When would my kid's team practice?
We will be giving your contact information to your coach.  The coach will pick practice days and times and notify you. Coaches normally pick days and times best for all.
If there is a serious schedule conflict, please let us know.
Are there any "End of Game Rituals"? 
Yes, after each game, we have rituals that we want you to continue.
5U & 6U  - will create a Tunnel in the middle of the field for the players to run through several times or until the parents lose blood supply to their arms.
8U and 10U - after lining up and giving the other team Mid-Five’s, we will have the parents line up on their sideline and the players will run together CLOCKWISE along the parents sideline and give them Mid-Fives.
12U, 14U, & 16U - after lining up and giving the other team Mid-Five’s, they will return to their bench and coach.
What about if there is bad weather in the forecast?
We almost never close our complex. If it looks like it is going to be an unbelievable storm, I will send an e-mail out 2 hours before the first game and also post a note on the website's main page. I have only done that 1 time in 6 seasons. We will play even if it looks like it is going to just sprinkle. Many times it can be raining one one side of town and it may not rain at all on the soccer side of town. We will make calls from the field. "When in doubt, come on out"
Where are the games played? 
Always play in Macon Soccer Club.

End of Season Medals:

8U GOLD, SILVER and PARTICIPATION. (Participation is for all the team not advancing to the Finals)
10U thru 16U GOLD and SILVER only
(Teams can provide own Trophies if they desire to do so)

What is your refund policy?
We understand that plans change and sometimes, for whatever reason, you may wish to withdraw from registration.  We will give a full refund up until the first day of season assessments.  There are no refunds after the first day of season assessments.
***For U5 & U6 full refunds will be given up to 2 weeks prior to season kick-off***

Encouraging Fans
Parents, this is about the players. Please sit comfortably in your chair, relax smile and enjoy watching your child play. Let the coaches coach, the referees ref, and the players play. Your job is to be an encouraging Fan! Cheer positive words to not only your child but for other parents children also. We want to create a relaxed atmosphere. Please do not let your non-smiling emotions "wind-up". Leave your competitive self at the Falcons or Braves game.

We want the players to have fun. If the parents are having Fun, it usually spreads to the Children. Smile , Smile , and Smile .  If you can’t, then at least try.