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Gabriel Scholarship Fund

Gabriel Scholarship Fund


Purpose of the Scholarship 

To allow youth players of Macon Soccer Club with exceptional soccer skills to participate regardless of their financial situation.

Procedure for obtaining a Scholarship

Those interested in obtaining a financial scholarship must apply by completing all forms attached on this package. This forms require that the applicants provide family financial information and the names and ages of family members playing for the MSC. In addition to the request forms, the applicant must submit a copy of last year's filed Federal Income Tax Statement. Scholarship applications must be completed for each player/family for each season played. All applications will be reviewed by a Scholarship Committee composed of the MSC club treasurer, DOC, and the private benefactors of the Gabriel Scholarship Fund. Once approved, the player will be evaluated by the team’s trainer, and DOC to confirm that this fund should be awarded based on his/her skills set, commitment, behavior, and work ethics.

All personal information will be kept confidential; it will only be viewed and discussed by the Scholarship Committee. There will be no limit to the number of financial scholarships awarded to players as long as they are eligible. Those obtaining financial scholarships will have obligations to fulfill to the club during each season played on scholarship.

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