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Fall 2017

2006 (U12) Boys Champions at UFA Fall Classic

SAF Macon’s 06B attended the UFA Fall Classic tournament. While participating in the tournament’s Gazelle division, the team faced some tough opposition on road to the final. With 2 wins on Saturday (2-1 vs RYSA Silver & 3-0 vs UFA Forsyth Bronze) and a tie on their Sunday morning game (1-1 against UFA-Norcross) they finished in first place of their group standings, advancing automatically to the final match. On their final game, they faced Roswell Santos White. The game was a very closed one, with our team being able to edge the opponents by a goal. With a final 2-1 score, the boys celebrated they well deserved championship. SAF Macon’s 06B team is trained and coached by Andy Kim.




2010 (Pre-Academy) Boys Win UFA Fall Classic


Our Pre-Academy 2010 boys participated on their first ever tournament, and they did so with much success! The boys were placed on the Copa Division (2nd highest). On their way to the final game, the boys defeated UFA Norcross (4-0), Concorde Fire Central (5-1) and U8 Future Academy (4-2). After winning all of their group stage games, the boys secured 1st place on the standings. Since only 4 teams were taking part of this division, the boys would face a familiar team on the final match, UFA Norcross. The final game was as difficult as expected, but our boys were determent to go home with some silverware, so they worked really hard and ended winning the game 4-1. Our 2010 PA boys are trained and coached by Ian Antley.




2008 (U10) Girls Elite Win GSA Puma Invitational


After having participated on the UFA Fall Classic, our 08G Elite team was looking forward to redeeming themselves at the GSA Puma tournament, and they were able to accomplish such objective. The team was placed on the White Division (2nd highest), along with some tough competition from the Greater Atlanta area. Knowing that Saturday games’ results would determine which team would advance to the semis, the girls came out ready to win both games in order to finish on 1st place of their bracket. They accomplished their goal by defeating both DDYSC Wolves Elite and Concorde Fire Central Red by the same score (7-1). On their semifinal game, the girls were draw to play against a familiar team (NTH TopHat North Navy), a team that had defeated them 2 weeks earlier at the UFA Fall Classic (0-1). This time around, our girls will not allow any team to get on their way to the final, and after a very well played match, they managed a 4-2 win. On the final game, the girls played against TSC South from Nashville (TN), one of the toughest teams they had played all season. After a very even match, and having to play overtime, the game ended on a tie (2-2) so the champion would have to be decided from kicks from the mark. After scoring 3 out of 4 PKs, while TSC scored only 2 of 5, our girls were crowned champions. SAF Macon’s 08G Elite team is trained by Adrian Juarez and coached by Jeremiah Bivins.