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Fall 2019 Practice Info

TeamsFall TrainersFall Asst TrainersTraining days/timesField AssignmentTrainer E-mail AddressTeam ManagerE-mail Address
U9 Girls (2011)Adrian JuarezSofia LekasT-Th 6 to 7:30TBA[email protected]Jessica Olson[email protected]
U10 Girls (2010)Hollis SpringerT-Th 5:45 to 7TBA[email protected]Lamonica Samford[email protected]
U11 Girls (09)Tony EconomopoulosAmy BerkebileSee CalendarTBA[email protected]Courtney Garner[email protected]
U12 Girls Elite (08)Tony EconomopoulosSee CalendarTBA[email protected]Julia Wood[email protected]
U12 Girls Premier (08)Kenny EppsM-W 6 to 7:30MDS Cavaliers Field[email protected]Ashley Taylor[email protected]
U9 Boys (2011)Alex GottSee CalendarTBA[email protected]Amanda Juarez[email protected]
U10 Boys (2010)Robert OchiengM-Th 6:15 to 7:45MDS Cavaliers Field[email protected]Phelicia McCallum[email protected]
U11 Boys Elite (09)Matthew FullerT-Th 6:30 to 8TBA[email protected]Kerry McAlister[email protected]
U11 Boys Premier (09)Michael LopezT-Th 6:30 to 8TBA[email protected]Margaret Moore[email protected]
U12 Boys Elite (08)Hollis SpringerT-Th 7 to 8:30TBA[email protected]Meara Lesho[email protected]
U12 Boys Premier (08)Hollis SpringerM-W 6 to 7:30TBA[email protected]Krista Nichols[email protected]